Kim Diment

Kim Diment


TexArt Workshop

Kerrville Texas – Schreiner University

May 21st – 26th 2017

What I’ll be teaching?

-Acrylic Techniques ( tried and true and some that are new!)
– Drawing Techniques using graphite and also black / white charcoal pencils

A Northern Michigan native, Kim Diment’s art brings personality and life to the animals she portrays. Both her art and love for animals started at young age. Her first preteen field sketches came from wanderings along the backwaters of the AuSable River. She drove her parents cnuts by bringing home toads, frogs, turtles and orphaned animals. Her brother ruined her high school social life by dubbing her “Nature Girl”. After High School Kim’s formal training involved a double major from Michigan State University in Fine Arts and Zoology. She later went on to teach High School art for thirteen years while simultaneously pursuing her own art career. Kim supplemented her art learning by workshops and training under Robert Bateman, Mark Mehaffey, Rod Lawrence, John Seery- Lester, Simon Combes and Morton Solberg. She also took coursework through Alpena Community College and Kirtland College. In 2003 Kim moved to Grayling Michigan and started painting full time. In 2010 Kim and Business partner Ken Wright, opened up the Main Branch Art Gallery featuring nature inspired artworks. Currently the gallery houses 28 Great Lakes Area professional Artists. Kim is currently the secretary and board member for the international Society of Animal Artists. She is also one of 15 founding member of the newly formed, Bennington Center of the Arts Guild.

Kim became addicted to travel in the mid eighties. She visited countries that were especially diverse in wildlife. It is no wonder Africa became her favorite. Her first trip was in 1992 and then her second in 1996. Since the second trip she has made a pilgrimage back practically every year since. She has visited most of the southern countries of Africa but now is a more regular visitor to Kenya. Kim’s travels also include Ecuador, Belize, Canada, US, Europe, and New Zealand.

Kim loves her subject matter and tries to help out in preserving it when she can through several conservation projects. Currently she is involved with the Tahquemenon State Park’s “Art for the Park”. Kim is using a landscape from Tahquamenon’s Falls area and portraying a native animal An edition of 125 prints is being made for each year’s scene. A portion of the sales go back into the State’s Park systems.

Further away from home Kim is currently working with ” Artist’s Against Extinction”. This international group of artists sells artwork and then pledge a percentage of the sale of that work back to a conservation group dedicated to animal preservation. She also has been involved with “Grevy’s Zebra Trust of Kenya” which is targeting the dwindling northern herds of Grevy’s Zebra. A series of paintings to help bring awareness and generate funds are available. The first being, “Samburu Grevy’s” which is for sale along with a set of limited edition canvas GiClees.

Past projects closer to home include donations to “Ducks Unlimited” and “Trout Unlimited”, The Humane Societies of Iosco and Crawford County.

Kim resides in northern Michigan on the Au Sable River with her husband Carl. Kim’s artwork and Carl’s fine furniture are showcased at their “River Works Studios” located in Grayling, Michigan.