SKB Artist Rendezvous & Workshop, Dubois, WY
Headwaters Arts & Conference Center
Sep 16-21, 2018

Larry Wollam

Instructor – Watercolor/Pastels/Graphite

What I’ll be teaching? I work in almost all media, but specialize in transparent watercolor and the drawing mediums.

As some know, I enjoy bird and animal painting. I work in almost all media, but specialize in transparent watercolor and the drawing mediums. I consider myself a photo-realist which, with watercolor, can be very difficult.

I’D like to demonstrate some of my watercolor techniques with my backgrounds and my use of masking fluid (liquid latex). I use a lot of strong contrast in my art work. I try to replicate textures; fur, feathers, grasses, metal, leather, wood, etc with different brushes and sometimes other artists tools to achieve realistic likeness in my subjects.

I’ll demonstrate variegated backgrounds, wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, dry brush and graded wash techniques. I’ll include what I’ve learned about a variety of grounds (paper or supports). My background demos are usually centered around a bird or animal.

I work primarily from photographs (for obvious reasons), but I use my own pictures. I find reference books useful for details I’ve not been able to get with my camera. If you use a copyrighted photos, do so only for your training or experience. Some try to sell their art from copyrighted photos as their own, which can lead to trouble down the road. I’ll offer some thoughts in class. Please bring your reference/subject matter, or projects  with you.  I’ll have a selection of photos you’re welcome to use.

I also would like to demonstrate some of my drawing techniques.  I’ll be using soft and pencil pastels and perhaps colored pencil. I want to show grounds I find very useful with pastels and/or colored pencils. I don’t often mix mediums but I’ll discuss possibilities with combinations for special effects.

I’ve found a tool very useful in blending pastels. It’s the colourshaper, a silicone rubber, that comes in 5 different shapes and 4 or 5 different sizes. Sets of 5 shapes in #2 & #6 sizes,are available. I use my fingers for blending too, but prefer the shapers.

I’ll touch on pencil drawing methods as well.