Week-Long, 60+ Hours of live ZOOM Sessions – $350 (US$)
• Location: Your Home via Zoom
• Live access to 20+ Fabulous Instructors
• Sunday Kick-Off Party (September 12)
• Five Day Workshop ( See Daily Zoom Schedule ) Sessions begin Monday Morning, September 13th. (Check Your Time Zones)
•+ 6 Months access to all 60+ hours of recordings, plus a selection of pre-recorded sessions as well. – No matter what your schedule you won’t miss anything.

Total includes everything – Zoom Fee: $350 (US$)
For all registered participants
All Workshop Instructor Sessions will be broadcast over Zoom and they will all be available for 6 months in the recordings plus a selection of pre-recorded sessions.
The following Instructors will be Zooming directly from the workshop in Dubois, Wyoming
Wanda Mumm, Suzie Seerey-Lester, David Rankin, Thomas Caleb Goggans, Christine Knapp Bill Knapp, Laurin McCracken, Lee Cable, Ken Shanika, John Phelps, Julie Jeppsen, Stephen Left, Tom Lucas, Danita Sayers
The following Instructors will be Zooming from directly their own home studios all over North America
John Banovich, Crystal Beshara, Andrew Denman, Guy Combes, John Hulsey, Ann Trusty, James Coe,
Jeanne Mackenzie, Mark Mehaffey, Michael Shane Neal, Mort Solberg
SKB Art Instructors

The African Palette

THURSDAY, SEPT. 16, 2-4 pm MT

Africa offers the largest number of subjects for an animal artist. In this presentation John will share how to access, research, paint and then sell African subjects.

SPORTING CLASSICS MAGAZINE features The Man Eaters of Tsavo by John Banovich, July/August 2021



Presenting the Quick Draw via Zoom

TUESDAY, SEPT. 14, 9-11 am MT

Available for Mentoring in Dubois Lee Cable



Painting Wildlife in the Landscape Directly in Oil

THURSDAY, SEPT. 16, 10-11:30 AM MT

In this 2-part Zoom demonstration, I will show how I approach painting a bird in the landscape in oil. My style is a direct and alla prima for the first session. There is no preliminary drawing on the canvas of the bird and both subject and background are developed in tandem simultaneously.

Two days later, after the initial block-in is dry,  we will revisit the canvas with a second session, during which shapes and values will be refined and corrected. For me in the studio on a typical painting, this process would repeat itself numerous times until I am satisfied that the painting is complete and all the issues resolved.  But in our demo, we will see enough of the process that students will understand how I approach this direct type of wildlife painting.




MONDAY, SEPT. 13, 2-4 pm MT

A charismatic quick draw.


ANDREW DENMAN, Acrylic Design & Composition

Compositions that Work with Andrew Denman
Monday, 10-Noon MT

No single aspect of any painting or drawing is as central to its success as a good composition. Join artist Andrew Denman for an in-depth and practical exploration of this most vital and nuanced of topics. We’ll study the compositions of great paintings and constructively critique our own work. Learn what to edit out of your reference material, and how to combine multiple references into a cohesive whole. Discover the rules of composition…and how and when to break them!

Important Information for Students: Participants will be asked to digitally submit two images of their own work to critique no later than September 1st, 2021, one that the student is especially pleased with (Best Work), and one that the student feels could be improved upon (Needs Help).  Please submit images in Jpeg format only, with no single dimension longer than 20000 pixels, and no single dimension shorter than 500 pixels.  Please submit quality images only, without glare, distortion from the camera lens, or visible frames or backgrounds.

Email to info@andrewdenman.com with the subject line in the following format “SKB Composition Workshop, First name Last name” (example: SKB Composition Workshop, Jane Smith”).  Please have your Jpeg file names in this format: Name of artist_title of work_medium_size in inches_Best work or Needs Help” (example: JaneSmith_BluebirdMorning_24x36_NeedsHelp).



“Finding Faces”
OIL, WEDNESDAY, 9:30-11:30 am MT

Capturing beautiful portraits is all about patience and searching out the essence of a person through their features and expressions. Approaching it with too much rigidity and pressure can throw a wrench in the works, so this session is all about taking a breath, giving yourself freedom to explore, and having the confidence you’ll discover wonderful things in paint, including a likeness





“Grand Gestures”
Sculpture, Thursday, 1-3 pm MT

Sculptures are only as good as the gestures they capture, and exciting gestures are best found through sketching and playful exploration with the clay and expressive form. Whether the goal is quiet and subdued, fluid and graceful, or strong and commanding, the ideas and techniques for sketching out your ideas will be discussed and demonstrated in clay.



Caleb Goggans Suppy List

JOHN HULSEY, Watercolor

Morning in Abiquiu
Painting the Horses and Light of New Mexico

FRIDAY, SEPT.17, 2-4 pm MT

Imagine yourself standing in the shadow of an enormous old Cottonwood tree, watching these rescued horses enjoying their new lives on this beautiful ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The light is perfect. Now, how to capture the subject in watercolor?


If you want to improve your work then you won’t want to miss this master class in watercolor landscape painting! I will show you how to translate this image into the language of watercolor and walk you through each step and stroke of this painting.



SEPT. 13, 1:30-3:30 pm MT

Wildlife artist Julie Jeppsen is known for her paintings combining realism and atmosphere of wild animals especially sporting dogs and horses in landscape.



“Simplifying Techniques for Sculpting a Horse or other 4-legged Animals”
Sculpture, Monday, 9/13, 1-3 pm MT

Would you like to offer something entirely new to your collectors? How about learning skills that will enhance your drawing /painting skills? Christine encourages you to try sculpture to fulfill both of those goals! She will demonstrate sculpting a running horse, starting with the steps from your initial idea through the entire sculpting process. She will also share her journey from painter to sculptor showing how you too can explore this fascinating medium without breaking the bank. The bronze foundry process, marketing this new medium to your clients, and pricing will also be discussed.

Sculpture Supply Lists

Creating a Relief for Bronze, Resin or Plaster
Sculpture, Wednesday, 9/15, 1-3PM MT

Relief sculpture, whether it is low relief or nearly 3-D, is as old as humankind’s first artistic explorations. Making the jump from 2-D to 3-D art is easier for some artists by exploring relief art first. Christine will demonstrate this process from initial concept to a completed clay that will be mold ready. Her subject will be a mountain lion. Tools, materials, and ideas for the final patina (color application) will be covered.

Relief Supply List








A Demo, Western and wildlife art

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1:30-3:30 pm MT

A Wyoming artist, Tom Lucas, has dedicated the past forty years engaging in his pursuit of painting distinctive western art. Tom Lucas was recently accepted as an Associated Member of the Oil Painters of America based in Illinois. His biggest influences have been Charlie Russell, Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn, Ken Carlson, Nicolas Fechin, and David Leffell, to name a few. Tom lives near the Wind River Mountains with his wife Tammy who stands by his side in all his endeavors to persevere. We hope you enjoy Tom Lucas’s creative talent.


Tom Lucas Art Supplies List



Tuesday, Sept. 14, 1-3 pm MT
Friday, Sept. 17, 8:30-10:30 am MT
Wednesday, Sept. 15, 9:30-11:30 am MT—Mentoring (Dubois only)

STILL LIFE— The image that I will be using is a photograph of objects from John Finley’s Dad’s workshop. We will focus on how to paint clear glass and colored glass and how to paint a black background that does not reflect light.

Laurin is a signature member of more than a dozen watercolor societies including the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Southern Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, and Watercolor USA Honor Society. He is an Elected Member of the Allied Artists of America in their Watermedia Category



Laurin McCracken’s Supply List

Laurin’s Photo Image for SKB 2021

Laurin’s line drawing for SKB


Exploring a New Surface for Watercolor

TUESDAY, SEPT. 14, 9:30-11:30 am MT

Gesso coated paper for brave painting!

“Studio Morning,” 30 x 22 — This painting will be included in the 2021 National Watercolor Society International Exhibit.



WANDA MUMM, Oil & Plein Air

Turning Day into Night—Painting the Tetons at Sunrise
TUESDAY, SEPT. 14, 1:30-3:30 pm MT

A Mockturn— Wanda will share her research and techniques to turn a daytime scene into a nighttime scene. She will be recreating a scene she did to experiment with what it takes to portray night. See how working with value and subdued limited color will give the sense of nighttime. She will be using her color mixing sheets with paint colors and proportions.

Sunrise & Reflections—Schwabacher’s Landing
THURSDAY, SEPT. 16, 9-11 am MT

Join Wanda in a class to depict a sunrise shining on Schwabachers landing that is reflected in the Snake River in the Tetons. Learn how to create the sense of a sunrise and the effects of those colors on an iconic place in the Teton mountain range. Wanda will recreate a painting for you using her color mixing sheets to help you get the right value and proportion of paint in your mix.


Wanda Mumm & Jeanne MacKenzie

A pre-recorded session, available on website for 6 months for registered participants
Plein Air Procedures



Wanda Mumm’s Supply List

Michael Shane Neal, Oil

Portrait Painting
Friday, Sept. 17, 9:30-11:30 am MT

Shane has complete more than 500 commissioned portraits on display around the world. He has painted some of the country’s most influential people from Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, to former President George H. W. Bush, and actor Morgan Freeman. He has received numerous awards for landscape and figurative work as well as the Grand Prize Award from the Portrait Society of America in 2001.


JOHN PHELPS, Critique Panel

Plein Air Painting – in Dubois

The art of John Phelps exemplifies the history of the Great American West, beginning with the explorations of its vast terrain, the fur trade era and its mountain men, the epoch years of the cowboy, ranching and rodeo. http://johnphelps.com/


Critiques – A Panel of Artists Led by John Phelps

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 15, 7-9 pm MT

Working on a painting that you’re just not sure what to do or where to go next to make it the grand vision you have in your head? We’re happy to help. A panel of our talented artist instructors led by John Phelps, oil painter and sculptor, are here to help. If you would like them to give you some assistance or opinions on your artwork, here’s what you need to do:

1. Select 1 or 2 artworks that you would like critiqued.
2. Send an email to:  lamumm74@yahoo.com
3. In the subject line write: SKB Critique
4. Include in your email:

a) Your Name
b) Image Title
c) Size (H x W) for Paintings (H x W x Depth) for Sculpture
d) Medium
e) JPEG(s) for 1 or 2 of your artwork(s)

Each JPEG image should be labeled with the artist’s name, the title of the artwork and the medium (ex: smith.john_mountainview.oil.jpeg)

The JPEG should show the painting only and not include the frame. Also, crop to remove background clutter.

Submission must be in by 5 PM MST Monday, Sept. 13th for review during the SKB Rendezvous & Workshop. Zoom participants and those attending in Dubois may participate.

We will try to get to as many submissions as possible but cannot guarantee we will get to all of them.



DAVID RANKIN, Watercolor

Procedures in Watercolor

Come prepared to paint! David will work with watercolor artists using his unique “Light Studies Procedures.” He will share how he translates any subject into a Light Study in 15-30 minutes, using only Payne’s Gray. During this week’s training sessions, you will take those studies and develop dramatic full-color paintings. Another focus will be how you can use one basic design at several different times of the day.


David Rankin suppies list


The Use of Light and Darkness
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 15, 9:30-11:30 AM MT

The focus on this class is you, and what you want to learn. I will be demonstrating several techniques in acrylic– I will be focusing on color, mixing, and values. We will discuss the use of light, composition, and having your paintings tell a story.



Seerey-Lester Supply List


Art Demo

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 9:30-11:30 am MT

Ken is in the process of creating a series of paintings of the Pikes Peak region and translating them into Giclee prints and greeting cards. I feel that my artwork is a reflection of my feelings. It is very personal. If I were asked to describe my “style” of work, I would call it “intimate.” I prefer to work in oil paints. I sometimes work in watercolor, and acrylic, with an underlying love of drawing, especially in color.



Ken Shanika’s Suppy List

MORT SOLBERG, Watercolor & Acrylic

A Conversation with a Master
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 15, 1:30-3:30 PM MT

As an artist, I have gone in so many directions in my career—I will share why and what the process was to get to this point including the different jobs and painting directions.



Painting a Floral Still-Life

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 15, 2-4 pm MT

I am planning to show the students my process for painting a floral still-life. The subject will be this Amaryllis Orchid bouquet originally provided by my wonderful horticulturalist neighbor. Although we can’t work from life for this Zoom class, I will have a photo reference available for students.

We’ll quickly do a tone-in, removing color to create a “map” of our subject, then work with the subtle colors (light to dark, cool to warm) inherent in the quite colorful whites of the amaryllis and orchid petals.

Ann Trusty is a third-generation artist whose work embodies the natural world. She has found inspiration in the dancing light across the water of the Hudson River, as well as the big sky and waving tall grasses of the open plains of the Midwest. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, France and Turkey in both museum and gallery exhibitions, and has received favorable reviews by the New York Times. With John Hulsey, she publishes the educational website, The Artist’s Road.

Her current compositions in oil and watercolor are explorations of nature through paintings of her gardens. The garden, for her, is a metaphor for the larger natural world, where universal themes can be explored through observation and expression in painting.

“I celebrate the mysteries of Nature in my art—the fleeting light on the landscape, the unimaginable diversity, the beauty of each leaf and flower.”



Stephen Left & Anthony Cannata, Photoshop for Artists

FRIDAY, SEPT. 17, 1-3 pm MT

Stephen Left—Capturing the perfect light in wildlife or landscape paintings sets the mood for the entire piece. 


Anthony Cannata—Creative Digital Marketing Solutions —

Artists need to know basic steps in photoshop both for composition and design as well as how to use it to promote their art. These 2 experts will share how you can use photoshop effectively.

The Business of Art...

MONDAY, SEPT. 13, 7-8:30 PM MT

SUZIE SEEREY-LESTER – The Business of Art


ANTHONY CANNATA – Digital Marketing & Social Media


Suzie will be discussing the business side of paintings. This will cover everything from how to market your paintings, how to get into galleries and shows, to how to photograph your paintings, how to frame, labels, and how to ship your paintings. We will cover copyright law, licensing, taxes, corporations, commissions, consignments, bill of sales, and what to include with your paintings to maintain great relations with your clients. Bring your questions, all of them – we are here to make you successful.

Anthony will discuss how to market your work both on your website and by using social media.

BILL KNAPP, The Power of Thought


Tuesday, 7-7:30 pm MT    

The Power of Thought, Are you Ready to Trust Yourself as an Artist?


Tuesday, 7:30 – 8:30 pm MT – Presentation of Awards, SKB Small Works Exhibition

It all starts in our minds. Our successes, our failures, our angels and our demons. Here’s the way to minimize the negative thoughts while splurging on feelings and values of abundance.

DANITA SAYERS, Healing Journal

A 2-part workshop, only available in Dubois.
Dates to be determined closer to event due to weather conditions

We will be creating a materia-medica (healing materials) journal about local wild edible and medicinal plants utilizing watercolor and pen & ink.

There will be one field day in Dubois doing studies and preliminary sketches and collecting photo references.

The second session would be in the studio, creating the watercolor journals.

Below is an example of student work to help convey the visual possibilities in store for participants. The participants will need their own watercolor paints, pen and ink, and watercolor pad and notebook.


Crystal Beshara, Watercolor*

Painting Rocks, Mountains & Cliffs

PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS – These will be available for registered participants on the SKB website after the 1-week SKB Workshop



Wanda Mumm & Jeanne MacKenzie, Plein Air Procedures*

PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS – These will be available for registered participants on the SKB website after the 1-week SKB Workshop

Jeanne MacKenziehttps://www.jeannemackenzie.com

 Wanda Mumm – http://wandamumm.com