The TexArt Workshop

TexArt Instructors

Mort Solberg

What I’ll be teaching? In this painting workshop you will experience how Mort creates and designs his signature compositions by incorporating the use of gesso and gouache with watercolor and acrylic. The first day of the course will begin with a slide presentation of Mort’s work and each day will include demonstrations. The main objective is to get excited about your painting. See that you can have fun and open yourself to new ways to use water base medium and incorporate techniques that can be used to correct mistakes or use mistakes to improve your composition. Learn to see how the designing of your paintings is an ongoing process and “see” and experience the different aspects of color and design. Topics for discussions: the use of gouache and Gesso as an opaque medium, breaking the transparent watercolor rules, identifying what works and expanding on it, creating wet and loose backgrounds and using photographs as reference. Finished paintings are not one of our goals but one can hope!.


Jim Coe

I will be teaching technique and materials for painting in oils. The emphasis will be on plein air painting, with the goal of using on-location studies as reference for studio work. Painting the landscape from life will add authenticity and true light and color to your studio canvases. Weather-permitting, we will head out into the beautiful Texas Hill Country for days 1 and 2 of the workshop. On days 3 and 4, we’ll work outside in the mornings and return to campus for afternoon studio sessions.


David Rankin

What I’ll be teaching? Why do Brain Surgeons waste so much time looking at X-rays & MRI’s..?
Because they want to see how to best approach an operation… “before” cutting into a patient’s head! That’s precisely why I train artists in how to develop and refine the unique skills needed to create “Gray Studies” of any subject… “before” starting to paint. The finished results of your painting efforts will vastly improve… if you spend as little as 15-30 minutes studying your painting subject… and trying to replicate it’s main features & values in a Gray Study. This is NOT about creating monochromatic Black & white paintings using only one color. Rather… my “Gray Study’ procedures provide artists with a valuable and effective set of procedures that will allow you to test out your painting ideas very quickly. It is far better to make mistakes in a quick study… than in your finished painting after hours of work. In fact… learning how to create quick Gray Studies will mean far less mistakes in the finished artwork. At the next TexArt Workshop next May… I will be again working with artists in the advanced imaging skills that allow you to create elegant and effective Gray Studies of any subject… and then take those subjects directly into full color.

Wes and Rachelle Siegrist

What I’ll be teaching? Rachelle and I will be differentiating ourselves by specializing in opaque watercolor techniques vs. transparent. We also, while specialists in miniature, will be teaching techniques that apply at any size/scale so the appeal is more broad. Depending upon class requests we may be demonstrating wildlife, landscape, portraiture, still life or marine (boats). I felt like I “missed the boat” somewhat last year by too narrowly focusing on miniatures so we’ll be more inclusive this time with general small works and conventional sizes if participants wish to work in that format.