Art Industry Specialty Instructors


Angela Sauro Davis

Ansada Licensing Group, LLC represents talented, professional fine artists and has a history of successful licensing programs. They strive for quality products and an honest, productive relationship with both the artist and the licensee.  Angela Sauro Davis has a background in publishing and fine art licensing, working with fine artists and licensees for 22 years.   Since Ansada only specializes in fine art of various subjects, Angela has a special sensitivity for fine artists and their concerns regarding the balance between commercializing their art and preserving their time to focus on creating paintings that will sell in the originals market.  “It’s an honor for us to be trusted with artists’ work for licensing.”


Bob Koenke

Bob provides artists with valuable insight into the marketing and promotion of artwork.  He is an art appraiser, lecturer, expert witness and best known to most of us at SKB as the long-time publisher of Wildlife Art News.  Bob also provides important advice for the collector, institution, or financial entity regarding the acquisition or sale of fine art, with connoiseurship in sporting and wildlife art.  


Bill Knapp

To prepare for a marathon you do not go out and practice for one day and consider yourself in peak condition to complete the twenty-six-mile race. It is an ongoing process where you improve steadily until you are able to put forth your best effort. In the same manner, Bill Knapp Mental Toughness is a process that builds on itself enabling the participant to grow, improve and succeed. It assists in knocking down obstacles, problems, and issues that would stop the ordinary person.

Digital Marketing

Anthony Cannata

Anthony’s goal is to get people to your website.   Says Anthony, “If they don’t see your artwork, there’s no way for them to buy it.  I assist artists to thrive in an ever-changing digital marketplace.  Artists struggle to adapt and grow as the Internet changes around them, but those that are able to successfully embrace change eventually evolve into the extraordinary companies of tomorrow.”  Not only has he created many custom design websites for artists, he helps them market their artwork.


Bob Bahr

Journalists are always looking for great stories … and journalists are always being presented story ideas that are mediocre. How do you make YOUR story one of the article pitches that make journalists feel they have a great story on their hands? SKB Writer-at-Large Bob Bahr has worked as managing editor of American Artist magazine, project editor for Drawing magazine, online editor for PleinAir magazine, and writer for these and many other magazines, newspapers, and websites. His suggestion to artists trying to get articles done on them is to determine one’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes your story unique, and what makes it something their readers will want to see? Bahr is currently a writer and painter living in New York City, but he makes his way to Dubois at least once a year, and during SKB’s 2018 Artist Rendezvous, he will offer one-on-one consultations with interested SKBers during select days of the event.